Thursday, January 19, 2017

Day #8: I Love L.A. (we love it)

I'm sorry, I know there are a lot of you out there that LOVE Lalaland, but I am NOT one of them. However, I was told this past week that I had two choices. Rebook my ticket home from Sacramento for the next day and get my OWN hotel room, or take a chance that my flight from Sacramento to LAX might land in time for me to catch the flight to Phoenix leaving at the same time.

They were close. I missed it by minutes. But as they say, it's not over until the doors closed and the

doors closed. So, I got to stay at the Aloft in El Segundo where it's very, very retro decor and the bartenders are obviously very excited about making their martinis, which made me very excited since I love fruity martinis like this pomegranate blueberry one. 

I had so many blog posts started this week and ended up falling asleep writing every one of them, so I know I'm behind already on my New Year's Eve goals of blogging every day but I have so, so, so many pictures to share of me Roeing out in the wild. And this is one. 

I have discovered that Lularoe is just absolutely perfect for traveling. It's so funny but every time I think I've found all the reasons why this clothing line is the best EVER, I find another one. When I flew out to Los Angeles, as you saw the other night, I was wearing an Azure layered over leggings with a Perfect and Sarah. Great for travel. I was so comfortable. For the trip to Los Angeles, I wore a black Maxi with a purple, yellow and red floral print over eggplant leggings with a mineral wash berry Classic. Same purple striped Sarah. It was so incredibly comfortable for getting through security and to the gates and went perfectly to the hotel for dinner. 

When I was given about three minutes to grab a change of clothes for the next day, it was an easy
decision. I pulled out a Carly and a pair of leggings. Done. Unfortunately, I got home SO late that day that I forgot completely about taking a picture, but when I got off the plane, it took me comfortably to an Arbonne party with Shannon and to the grocery store to prepare for my in-home the next day. And the purple striped Sarah that I wore with the Maxi and the berry mineral wash Classic transferred perfectly to the Carly and leggings. 

Packing with Lularoe for a trip is a piece of cake because you can roll it and it doesn't require any ironing. You simply shake it out and go. But look at all the possibilities with the outfit that I had worn on the plane. It was a little chilly, so I didn't do the Maxi as a dress down to the bar for dinner, but if it had been summer in Los Angeles, which is on the warm side, look what I could have done. It's very, very cool in northern California over the summer, and if I had had to, I could have ditched the Sarah and the leggings for just the Classic over the Maxi, OR, I could have just tucked in my bra straps and pulled the Maxi up for a cute summer dress. So that was trip to Los Angeles. Maxi + Classic + Sarah, martinis, sleep, and then Carly + leggings for the flight home to Dallas. And that's how you Roe while traveling!

China Glaze Don't Desert Me
Looking for a Sarah like mine with the stripes or in the purple? I haven't seen my exact Sarah anywhere, but Serena Cervantes has an excellent selection of striped Sarahs in a variety of colors, and if you just love love love the purple, there is a solid one and one with stripes but almost in a chevron-shape. Make sure and check out her selection!

Have a great day, and now that I'm home from the West Coast, I'm hard at work on the core style reviews once again.

I did have time to paint my nails while in Los Angeles, so here is China Glaze Don't Desert Me. Great shimmery pink!

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