Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Day #9: Has it really been almost a month?

It hasn't really been almost a month since I blogged....has it? Ugh. I am really falling down on my goal to blog every day. I have tons of photos of me Roeing in the wild, just no time to write anything up. 

I'll sum up the last month in a few bullet points:

1) I am having severe problems at work. Since my blog is public and I am well-known in Dallas in the insurance industry, that is all I'm going to disclose at this time.

2) I decided to become a distributor for Senegence (you know, Lip Sense?) and in order to raise capital for inventory, I decided to sell off all my cross stitch supplies, fabrics and patterns. Ugh, that's all I can say is UGH! It has been two weeks OF HELL!

3) I think that's ABOUT it! I can't think of anything else! But this outfit was way comfortable. WAY!  But, my Roeing goes on! Real life, right? 

My outfit that I am featuring today is a four-piece oufit that I wore to meet my friend Tabatha at The Flying Saucer in Rockwall for dinner and drinks. I paired a solid royal purple Carly with a pair of, well, African print leggings! One of the girls that commented on these said that they looked like Lion King leggings and yes, I admit it, that made me see them in a different light! I also topped them with a purple striped Sarah cardigan and a blue Mimi. 

Now that I'm getting more organized with my life in general, I should be blogging more, but I apppreciate your patience. If any of you are friends with some makeup divas, contact me, and I'd love to come to your house to do a party. More to come this weekend. I promise. It has not escaped my attention that I am not done with the core reviews yet!

But I do have to admit I LOVE this Sarah. Dark purple stripes on a solid royal purple? That's just freaking awesome! Purple is great and yes, I admit that these leggings look like they are RIGHT from Mufasa's wardrobe. Have a great day!

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