Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Why am I not a consultant?

Since I started this blog, my Facebook group, (and really since I started wearing Lularoe and making friends with so many of you that I now chat with so often), I have gotten the question time and time again of why I am not a Lularoe consultant and when I am going to be one.

I can tell you that since I discovered this truly amazing clothing line that has changed everything about how I view myself and feel about myself, it is the first time I have felt like I have a backup if the time ever comes that I can't do what I have a passion for, but the answer is simple. I love these clothes, I love how pretty they make me feel and I love shopping, but my career is my passion over retail.

I have been a large loss insurance adjuster for over twenty years and I work in the field covering the entire country helping families who have lost their homes to fires, water losses, hurricanes and tornadoes. I can truly say that I feel like it is my calling to do what I am doing, and so much so that when I shattered my foot three years ago and found out I might not be able to do it again, it sent me into a huge depression over what God had intended for my life. Fortunately I recovered and rehabilitated my foot, but now I consider it an honor to work with my homeowners that need me.

I have witnessed firsthand just how much work my consultant friends put into what they are doing. For many of them, they are doing it as second incomes, with their husbands' help, or with the hope of making it the only thing that they do. And it's very hard and takes a lot of time, effort and physical work. I don't have the time to do it and no retail background to be successful at it to where it didn't become my main occupation. It's a serious clothing line and these girls that I assist with reviews and modeling work really, really hard at it. You really don't know how much work goes into getting inventory ready for a party until you have spent three twelve-hour days in a weekend just helping a consultant hang and stage her clothes for photographing. And that's just a small piece of the pie!

However, I still have a creative outlet as I was a journalism major in college and I was a very active blogger, cross stitcher and scrapbooker before my daughter McKenna was born. I haven't really found anything to replace that creative outlet since then until now. Matching outfits up with the clothes that I have, accessorizing, writing about it, and showing other women from size 0-26 how great these clothes can make you feel by writing about it is really fun for me and doesn't feel like a job. And if it helps my friends in the process while I am having fun with it, all the better!

So there you go! No consultant here, not in the queue, not waiting for a call. Just a Lularoe fan girl who loves to be girly girly when I'm not digging through a fire loss.

Thanks again for being a part of This Is How I Roe In Real Life. Please feel free to add your friends, consultants, uplines, downlines, sidelines to the group as everyone is welcome. 

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