Wednesday, December 28, 2016

How to be a involved and fantastic online hostess!

Yes, it's a surprise, I know, but there's more to being a great hostess than just agreeing to do it and collecting the clothes.

I love Lularoe clothing, but I have no interest in being a consultant. The next best thing after wearing the clothes and shopping? Spreading the word around to your friends about how great it is and participating in parties! It's social, it's fun, and it gives you the chance to pick up some free clothes!

There are two types of parties; one is an online pop-up boutique which is held on Facebook and your friends are added to the consultant's page where she sells her inventory, and the second one is an in-home pop-up boutique where you either invite your friends to the consultant's house or open your house to the consultant, your friends and the clothes for a traditional party.

This guide will refer to the online party, which should be treated with the same respect as an in-home party except it's virtual...and believe it or not, it is more work than an in-home party!

1) Once you have picked a date and time with a consultant to do a party, make sure that you are available during that time from either your laptop, phone or tablet, just like you would be present during the entire time at a party in your home or in the consultant's home. You should be ready to answer questions about the clothing, how to buy, what you like about each style, answer questions about what pairs well, etcetera.

2) The week prior to the party, it would be very helpful to your friends if they see you wearing the clothes. If you are inviting friends that you work with, make sure that you are letting them know that what you are wearing is Lularoe, especially if they comment on how cute you look or ask where you got a specific piece. Be ready to provide information on how they can join your party. The recommended method is to have them send you a friend request on Facebook if they are not already friends with you and then add them to the VIP group for the consultant. For online parties since you may be inviting people that you don't see every day, selfies and some comments about what you are wearing are incredibly helpful since real life photographs are easier to look at than the model stock photos provided by Lularoe.

3) You should be thinking of fun activities to do during the party time to keep people interested and engaged while they shop. Your consultant may want to do some giveaways, so you should discuss with the consultant BEFORE the party starts on what their plans are for the weekend and whether or not they want to give away Lulabucks, discounts, clothing, free shipping, etcetera. Never offer a giveway without the express permission of the consultant.

4) Make sure that you are familiar with how the consultant wants items claimed and what the shipping and exchange policies are in the event that there are any questions that the consultant can not answer. Your guests should be able to get any basic answer from you during the party just as they would if you were standing in your home with them shopping.

5) Once the consultant has concluded the party, it will take several days for her to let you know what free clothing allowance you have earned, so be patient. Not everyone pays their invoices quickly. You should also be prepared to remind your friends if they have not paid and assist your consultant with contacting them.

6) Get the word out! The consultant is relying on you to bring her business and sales and that is why you are being a hostess. You can post on Facebook, set up a group to advertise, find pop-up groups on line to post the link to, look for community boards for local sales, send emails, send text messages, set up a display at work with pictures of Lularoe so they can see what the clothes look like, etcetera. Remember that the best word of mouth is YOU. If you tell your friends that you genuinely love the clothes and show them how much you love wearing them and how pretty they are, they are going to catch on and be intrigued.

7) Lastly, remember that while this is one night FOR YOU, this is your consultant's livelihood and business and as such, all final decisions made regarding ANYTHING on the sale, your hostess gifts, giveaways, are her decision and hers alone. You are here to assist her and do what she needs to make this a successful party for her and a fun party for yourself and your friends.

Follow these guidelines, and free clothes are in your future!

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