Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Welcome and How to Successfully Roe

Welcome to my blog!

Lularoe is something that I discovered the summer of 2016 when an acquaintance decided to be a consultant and I spent a whole weekend helping with hanging and staging her on-boarding inventory of clothing. I got to feel the fabrics, see the prints up close, and try everything on. I was gifted with an Azure (knee-length swing skirt) as a thank you gift, I wore it as a top the next day to a Father's Day brunch, and that, as they say, was the start of my addiction. After I got a job that required office time and not just running around on roofs in Old Navy t-shirts and capri pants, I decided to overhaul my 2001 wardrobe and replace it with good quality colorful clothing that really fit my personality and made me feel attractive. I now feel attractive every day when I go out, my clothes are comfortable, they are very no fuss-no muss and low maintenance, and I get compliments on what I wear all the time. 

Here are my recommendations for how to be a successful Lularoe wearer:

1) While the sizes really DO run true to size, there are a few sizes that run very small or very big depending on your body type. For example, I am a full-on 2X with muscular arms left over from swimming and weight lifting, a large bone structure, D cups and 5'7 in height, so a lot of what I wear has to go big for that reason. I can't wear Randys because they are too fitted through the bodice but Carly dresses have to go two sizes down to give me a waist and not look like a bag. I would very much recommend trying the clothes on FIRST before buying anything unseen and figuring out your sizes, because after that, you can buy off the rack with no problem.
2) This is no joke, they really don't make more than a specific number of pieces in that print, so once all those lovely pieces have found homes, they are gone unless an eBayer sells them for something outrageous. My suggestion is that if you find something that you really love, get it, because in all likelihood unless you scour the internet with a fat wallet, you won't see it again.
3) Wash your clothes according to the care instructions, try to wash your clothes with other Lula clothing or very soft t-shirts, and hang dry or dry everything flat. I have to hang dry everything that I wear because of space, and it works just fine. The thing I like the best about the clothing care is that you don't have to iron your clothes; they dry ready-to-wear.

So that's my story, and I'll be blogging as often as possible with where I wore my Lularoe clothing, accessorizing, reviewing the style, etceterera. If you are interested in reading about the clothing, doing some shopping, attending parties, and in general having fun, please follow my blog. I am happy to have you whether you are a consumer or consultant. If you are a consultant interested in having me model, review, assist you in your business, or hostess online or in-home, please contact me via the gadget on the right. I am glad to have you here and I appreciate you reading and following me as I ROE in real life.

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