Wednesday, December 28, 2016

What can I do for you and your direct sales business?

Why do I blog and offer my services for modeling the clothes, reviewing the clothes and hostessing parties to help consultants? I wanted a way that I can express my gratitude and thanks to all of the lovely consultants that I have met and bought from and am now happy to call my friends, whether in real life or online. I also wanted a way to get involved with this clothing line without actually becoming a consultant, which is not what I want. Read here if you would like to know why I am not a consultant.

About four months ago, I finally thought of an idea after doing some modeling for a pop-up that one of my friends was having and seeing the amazing reactions that I got from people posting comments. I have also heard from many consultants that I have done this for that their clientele is ecstatic to see real people modeling Lularoe that are not stick-figures or waifs as I am a plus-size woman with curves. I have an eye for color and pattern-matching, suggestions for how to style the clothes and wear them in different ways, and accessorizing ideas. And back in the day, before Facebook was the main platform for social media, I was a prolific blogger!

I know with as busy as consultants are which I have witnessed firsthand, it's hard to post pictures of people actually wearing the clothes in real life. This is my creative way of contributing to the Lularoe community! I post my thoughts about the style, sizing, colors, where to wear it, etcetera. This is fun for me because it's creative! I will also answer any questions that are posted about the clothing since I know how hard it is for people to buy clothes online. 

I do not consider myself to be a professional hostess, a unicorn hunter or a Lularoe employee or retailer of any kind. I am a Lularoe consumer and fan first and foremost, but blogging, modeling, reviewing, promoting, and hostessing is something that I do in my own time, and I spend a lot of time doing it. I am happy to offer this to consultants that feel that their business would benefit from it, but I do ask that I am compensated for my time with gifts of clothing only. This is my hobby and not my part-time job, so I do not charge an hourly monetary rate for my services. After surveying many consultants both in the local Dallas area and consultants all over the country, these are the guidelines that I have set forth that I feel are fair to both me as the model and reviewer and to the consultant that hires me. 

What I can offer to you:

  • Please contact me if you would like to be featured on my blog. The consultants that are linked from my blog in the right column are the ones that I have worked with, modeled and reviewed for, shopped with, laughed with and gotten to know through Lularoe, both online and in person. Before I link to your group from my blog, I would ask that I please either am invited to a pop-up if you are a local consultant, observe your VIP group for a period of time, or be asked to hostess a party. 
  • I do offer hostessing services, both online and in-home. My hostessing services include promotion on my blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.
  • For online parties, my Facebook group This Is How I Roe In Real Life is a place on Facebook where you as the consultant can bring your inventory if you wish to share with my group members and open for shopping either by adding to the albums or bringing your link from Roe With Me, Shop The Roe or Booteek 360, your choice. Please join my group and turn off the notifications unless you are an active party participant so I can tag you when I promote one of your sales. 
  • It is your decision if you would like to post the link to my party in your group or not to heighten sales, but if you do and they come to my group, anything that sells while they are in my group, I am entitled to hostess credit for. 
  • If you would rather choose to hold the party in your VIP group so that the party participants join your group as permanent members and clientele, that is also your decision, but anything that sells during the party period, whether it be from a person from my guest list, a random add from my promotion, or a prior client in your VIP group, I am entitled to hostess credit for. I won't agree to any parties held in a VIP group where the shoppers have to tag me in order to get credit. 
  • For in-home hostessing, you are welcome to bring as much of your inventory as you would like to display as I will make sure that you have a clean area to set up your racks and legging display, clean rooms for trying on clothes, and hi-speed wireless internet. I do have three dogs who are confined during parties, but no cats and my home is a non-smoking home.
  • I reserve the option as the hostess at an in-home party to have other non-Lularoe direct sales consultants present. 
  • My hostess compensation, whether the party is online or in-home, starting on January 1, 2017, is a credit of 15% of your total sales pre-tax invoiced and paid for during the party to use towards clothes of my choice from your inventory that you have available at the end of the party. In other words, if you sell 10 pairs of leggings to my party guests, I would get 15% of $250 or $37.50 to use towards my purchase. If you sell 10 Amelias, I would get 15% of $650 or $97.50 to use towards my purchase. After hostessing dozens of online parties, I feel that the one item for every ten items sold is outdated now that the price range of Lularoe clothing ranges from $25-$75, and a percentage for what is sold is more fair to the consultant. I also will not select my choices until the end of the party after all guests have finished checking out. 
  • I also offer assistant services for local consultants who need help from time to time with their businesses. Assistance with photographing clothing is available at $10/per hour in clothing credit and set-up/take-down for local events is available for a flat rate of $25 in clothing credit. The items that I choose to use my discount on are my choice. 
  • Reviewing/modeling for a consultant on their VIP page or for a local area event will still be available for one item of my choice from the consultant's inventory with no price ceiling unless discussed beforehand. 
  • If we have agreed on terms for a party and it is your wish that I model and review on your VIP page prior to the party to increase interest in your styles, I will do this at an additional cost of $25 in store credit in addition to the hostess compensation to be used on an item from your inventory of my choice. 
Thank you for reading This Is How I Roe In Real Life. 

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