Wednesday, December 28, 2016

How do you shop online?

The way that Lularoe is structured is that each consultant gets to pick what styles they sell and what sizes they carry but they have no choice at all at what colors or prints that they receive. Lularoe only makes approximately 5,000 pieces in that particular color or print and those colors/prints could be spread out across leggings, skirts, shirts or dresses. I have seen the same print in leggings, shirts and skirts before many times.

However, once Lularoe makes those prints and distributes them among all of the consultants, they go on to make more prints and everything is unique. Every time I shop a consultant sale whether it be in person or online, I see something different and I pick only the pieces that I really like; however, I keep in the back of my mind that when I DO see a piece that I really like IN my size, I better grab it because there is no guarantee that I will find it again and the consultants can't special order it. There is no catalog because the prints and colors and styles change all the time.

So in other words, asking the consultant if she has a print you like in your size is not going to get the answer you want because if she did, she would have it posted. For pop-up parties, the consultant has everything in their inventory posted. They may have a duplicate of an item, but that's it.

So, here's a How To Shop a Pop-Up Guide. I am going to use myself as an example and pretend that I am looking for a skirt to wear to work.

1) The first thing I will do is go through the choices in the inventory, which the consultant will post directions for in the party on how to get to. They either will be in the Facebook albums or in an off-site boutique application that connects with Facebook.

2) I ask myself, what kind of skirt am I looking for? Do I want something short? Something long? Something fitted? Something loose?

3) Once I click through the names of the styles that are being offered, I can get an idea of not only what the skirt looks like, but also what size is recommended for that particular skirt. The consultant and hostess are very familiar with the sizing on all items that are being offered for sale and can assist with finding your size as long as you know what your size is in other brands of clothing. If needed, measurements can come in handy such as waist size, bust size, height.

4) After looking through the skirt styles, I decided that I am looking for a Maxi skirt since winter is coming and I would like something longer to cover my legs.

5) After looking at the size guides and thinking about what sizes I wear in pants, capris and other skirts, I decide that a 2XL is going to be my best size.

6) I click on the album for the Maxis and scroll down to where the 2XL Maxis are. I click on the first one and roll through the ones that the consultant carries in that size. The only ones that she has in my size are the ones that are posted, so if there are five, that's all there is to pick from in this sale in that style. 

7) Voila! I found a black one with a burgundy abstract print on it that will look great with a black top for the holidays. There are no comments on it which means that it is still available.

8) I click on "claim" to indicate that I want the item or comment "sold" with my email address in the comments. That will indicate to the consultant that I have decided definitively that I want to purchase the item and will also let other shoppers now that this item is no longer for sale.

9) If the item is already marked sold or claimed, but I really want it, I will comment "sold next" as that will indicate to the consultant that if the first person decides not to buy it or doesn't pay their invoice timely that they can contact me to invoice me for the item.

10) If I comment sold or claim and then change my mind (this is discouraged), I will not delete or edit my original comment, but instead make a new one that says "pass"; that way the consultant will know that I have changed your mind rather than my comment getting lost in Facebook.

11) If I really want the skirt but have a question, I will comment "sold pending question" with my question posted on the item if I'm comfortable with it or "sold pending question sent by PM". If you have a question about sizing and are not comfortable asking in public, the consultant and the hostess are available to help. Once the question has been answered, you must confirm that you either wish to buy it or pass.

12) The invoice will be emailed to me using Lularoe's billing system called Audrey and I will pay it using a credit card or debit card (no checks or Paypal allowed), receive the receipt from the consultant via email, and the consultant will pack my item up to be shipped as soon as possible.

13) The item will not be shipped until payment is received by the consultant.

14) Before buying anything, make sure that you have read the consultant's policies about returns and exchanges.

Any questions, just ask the consultant! It's easy once you get the hang of it! If the consultant uses Shop the Roe, Roe With Me or Booteek360, instructions will be posted to explain how to use it. 

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