Friday, March 3, 2017

Day #10: Where have I been!?

So yes! I have been gone for a while (sadly) and really have violated my New Year's resolution to blog every day, even if it was just to post a few pictures, and I plan on rectifying that VERY SOON.

However, I do want to share with you what I've been doing!

First off, I have left my old job to take a new job adjusting with another carrier and getting that all situated and resolved was kind of a mess. That's really about all I can say about that in a public forum, but just know that I am going to be MUCH better off where I am going. MUCH.

Second, about six weeks ago I decided to do three things almost simultaneously which in retrospect was kind of a mess and probably not the best idea to do all at the same time, but you know how you can see things are going south, you know you're overcommitted, but you're helpless to stop it because things are already in motion? That's kind of how things have been for me. So the three things I decided to do at once:

1) I decided to sign up to be a distributor for SeneGence International, who manufactures the WILDLY popular and WILDLY fantastic LipSense. I named my business Erica's Butterfly Kisses. It took me literally about five minutes to come up with the name. I love butterflies, I thought kisses was fun for lip color, and Butterfly Kisses was the song I danced with my dad to during the father-daughter dance at my wedding. My friend Tabatha found an aqua and royal blue butterfly logo, and my business was born. 

2) I decided to start an online multi-consultant event for Lularoe consultants to sell their wonderful clothing which of course is why I started this blog, and I am fortunate enough that I am able to post a small LipSense album alongside their inventory and gain some clientele while helping my Lularoe girls sell their beautiful clothing. We would LOVE to see you there. Our events are Butterfly TV every Wednesday night (schedule announced in the afternoon) and then our Multi on Saturday starting at 12 noon Central going through 12 noon Central on Sunday. Please join us here if you are interested....we have giveaways every week including one unique Buyer's Choice giveway sponsored by the consultants and lots of other giveaways. We are growing daily and I hope you will join us!

3) I used to cross stitch HEAVILY but stopped about ten years ago when my daughter was born and finally decided to liquidate it so I could use it to fund Erica's Butterfly Kisses. 

And THAT'S what has been going on! It's been insanity! But the Roeing goes on....LipSense style!

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